26th Sep 2018

Spring has arrived. For most of the nation that means warmer weather, longer days and: Fishing!

With fishing season kicking off shortly most people who enjoy time spent in the water chasing the next catch have likely begun preparations for the season.

Repairing fishing equipment and buying new gear tops the list of things to do. Don’t forget about footwear. With the right shoes on your feet, you’ll gain better control to pull in those big catches and you’ll also stay safe and even feel more relaxed while concentrating on your presentation rather than your footwear.

Not sure what footwear to pickup? Consider the best fishing flip flops from FlipRocks. Here are 3 reasons why.


You need a shoe that’s going to have grip on the river, jetty or on a wet deck and that’s going to protect your toes from rocks and other debris you will encounter while venturing out to fish. With fishing flip flops designed to protect your toes and feet you’ll be able to walk confidently and without putting yourself at risk.


If you’ve ever had to spend a couple of hours or more wearing heavy wadding boots or water shoes, you know exactly how tiring, uncomfortable and dangerous they can be. The bulk of the shoe, the additional weight and the lack of sufficient traction make them a not-so-ideal choice for fishing.


Slippage is a common issue faced by fisherman of all kinds. Traditional water shoes were designed poorly, have heavy rubber bottoms with no traction, thin material atop the shoe and don’t let your feet breath. They aren’t just impractical, they’re also dangerous and uncomfortable. FlipRocks have a unique patented gripping system that makes it possible to traverse a number of different environments and with a GripToeNite gripping pad to match your situation can be attached to the FlipRocks flip flop so you can easily gain extreme traction for various applications.