26th Sep 2018

Kayaking footwear is of extreme importance because you need to be able to get in and out of your kayak quickly and easily to truly enjoy the sport. The last thing you need are clunky shoes getting you stuck, or worse, holding you back from enjoying the exhilarating sport that is, Kayaking.

Consider the conditions of the water and the temperatures where you’ll be kayaking and also if you plan to get out of the kayak when deciding what footwear to bring along.

The best kayaking footwear will include these 3 features.


Getting in and out of a kayak can be tricky, especially if you cannot gain traction with your feet. Look for  Kayaking footwear that will give you proper support and keep your feet comfortably in place for however long you plan to be out on the water.


Perhaps the only thing worse than a heavy, wet shoe is one that you have to keep weighted down in a kayak for several hours. Choosing kayak footwear that is lightweight and flexible will go a long way in easing your maneuvers throughout the day and keeping your feet cool and comfortable for the duration of the trip. Not to mention the breath-ability you get. Traditional water shoes for kayaking use an uncomfortable sock-like booty that doesn’t let your feet breathe at all.


Even if your feet will be resting in one place inside of the kayak for most of the day, you shouldn’t skimp on protection. Needing to get out of the boat for an unplanned stop and navigating rocks and slippery surfaces in pain can be avoided with the right footwear.

FlipRocks are the best kayaking footwear to protect feet while feeling natural. Coupled with the “Kayaker” interchangeable GripToeNite pad, kayakers gain the protection and versatility of a felt-bottomed tread so they can enjoy their sport confidently.