26th Sep 2018

If you’ve ever gone hiking up a challenging trail or overcame a terrain you didn’t think you could conquer, then you know just how amazing hiking is as a both a sport and a pastime.

In addition to the challenge to your physical strength, there is also the reward of having defeated a mountain and proven to yourself you can to do it. That’s in addition to the always breathtaking, scenic view you get from the top.

One thing hikers need more than a good map and some survival gear are hiking shoes that are going to support their journey. But boots tend to be big and clunky and oftentimes you can’t even feel your feet in all the layers that it’s easy to misstep.

What if you could experience both the freedom of an open shoe, but also the durability and protection you need to support your feet during an arduous trek? Hiking flip flops are the shoe that will change your trail blazing experiences from here on out.


FlipRocks are the extreme flip flops with interchangeable pads that make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities with freedom for your feet. The Timberline GriptoeNite pad is the perfect option for hiking and adventure. From dense forests to mountainous regions, these well-built and extremely tough flip flops protect your toes from banging against rocks and thanks to Extreme Drive off-road elastic band stay put on your feet so you don’t have to worry about losing your shoe along the trails.

Stop losing sight of the view ahead because you’re too worried about what you’ll trip over or if you’ll lose footing from under you. No trail is too challenging and your comfort doesn’t have to take a back seat.